How to keep your dogs groom in good condition

Years ago dogs were kept for may different reasons to todays pampered pooches. The reason for pampered pooches is that over the years we have become better dog owners.

We not only look after our dogs better, but have a better understanding of our dogs needs. The only thing that has not changed is the loyalty, love and companionship that any cared for dog gives their owner.

There are many more breeds of dog around today than a hundred years ago, different breeds of dogs have different coat types. Nearly all breeds of dog fit into one of the following coat type:

  • Double coats
  • Silky coat
  • Smooth coat
  • Wire coat
  • Wool coat

Just one visit to a fully qualified groomer can help you with advice on maintaining your dogs coat and the right tools that are required to do this.

Even dogs that are a regular visitor to the grooming salon will need to be brushed at home and any good groomers will help you with free advice on doing this. By showing you the correct tools and the way to use them, this keeps your dogs coat looking good all the time and not just when they have left the groomers.

Here at Major Groom we make sure that help is always on hand, even our free consultation gives owners help on their dogs coat, condition and reqirements needed to maintain the coat in peak condition.

While your dog is with us being groomed we have a very large check list that every dog goes though to insure that we are doing not only our job properly but your dog is being checked from head to claw and if we find the smallest thing, this will be recorded and you the owner will be informed.

Dog grooming should not only be about making your dog clean and look nice, it is about using all your knowledge that you have obtained and apply that to your grooming.

Every dog is a special dog and has specific requirements and all this is assessed at all times whilst grooming. The fact that your dog, when groomed, looks and smells great is only a part of my job. It is more important to me the groomer that you dog is happy settled and has enojoyed their time with us.

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